Ursine Vulpine is Frederick Lloyd. Film Director and Composer for Film/TV and multimedia Soundtracks.

Cover of ‘Prague’ by White Sea with a snippet of ‘Scared Of Lonely’ by Beyoncé.

For audiophiles out there, If you would like a high quality WAV version of the song just drop me a message!

Music composed by Ursine Vulpine
Vocals performed by Matt Finney

Artwork by Milena Gjorgjevska

Free Cover Release and Update

So, having been a bit quiet recently its time to announce some things that are happening! 

First off, my very good friend Matt Finney and I are releasing a cover of Prague by White Sea with a excerpt of Scared Of Lonely by Beyonce. We’re both very pleased with it and can’t wait for you to hear it! It will be released on my Soundcloud tomorrow (21/06/2014) at around 12pm GMT! It will be up to listen to and, of course, free to download as well and I will post the link here tomorrow also! In the meantime, here is the artwork for the release which is by the very talented Milena Gjorgjevska and you can see more of her work here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pale_g

Secondly, as promised to quite a few people who wrote to me enquiring, I will be releasing an E.P later this year. This E.P will feature my track Ark Ascending which featured on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer, as well as an abundance of new music that I can’t wait to release. Nearing final stages of getting the tracks ready, so look out for more announcements soon!

In the meantime, stay tuned for the cover release tomorrow! 

2013 in Review

SO, I thought it would be nice to do a big review of 2013 and look back on what’s happened this year, if not just so I can condense it into some readable form instead of the jumbled up, mish-mash inside my head.  I’ve been pretty rubbish at doing updates on things so a nice big review of the year seemed like a good idea. (It’s quite long, but stick with me)

We’ll start with Film stuff.

New content has been a little bit slow this year, with only 4 music video’s across the entire period, however I have to say that I’m quite proud of the work I’ve done with Deaf Havana and my video’s for Boston Square and Mildred (Lost A Friend). The latter was my first proper chance to create the type of music video that I’m most interested in making, narrative music video’s more akin to short films than promo’s. I was really pleased with the outcome and Deaf Havana’s emotive, lyrical style of music fits in perfectly into my style of filmmaking, so I can’t wait for the next one, which is already in the works! And it’s so nice to work with them as they are such a lovely, kind and genuine band and that really makes them a pleasure to work with. 4 video’s may not feel like much but I think that’s fine really. I’d rather do less of them and spend more time perfecting and crafting the ones I do work on than just churning out okay pieces of work regularly that are just alright because I haven’t had the time to properly flesh them out and bring something exciting and new to it. The work suffers for that I think, so i’d rather be less prolific and just do a few really great videos I can be really proud of. 

I really wanted to get a short film or two done this summer but it didn’t happen unfortunately. My own fault really, as I wanted to spend more time developing a really good script but then the summer came and went and I missed it. So that’s two projects for next year.

Moving away from music videos, Pantheon (my graduation film) had a good year at the festival circuit. After we completed the film we got off to a bit of a slow start with festival submissions with only a couple in 2012, but it all kicked off at the start of 2013 with award nominations and official selections at some great festivals. We won Best Film, Best Production Design and Best Score at Screentest Film Festival and got nominations at the Royal Television Society Awards, Watersprite Film Festival and the Learning on Screen Awards.  Most exciting was our selections in America, particularly NFFTY (National Film Festival for Talented Youth) in Seattle which I was lucky enough to be allowed to fly out there for the festival weekend and had an amazing time and met some great young filmmakers who I am proud to call my friends now. We released the film online in June/July, a whole year after we finished making it, so if you haven’t seen it you can see it here : (CLICK HERE)

The last few festival submissions are rolling in and I’m pleased to say we have an Official Selection at the 2014 London Short Film Festival so I’m really looking forward to that too. For a full list of where its been, check out the Facebook page.

Onto Music.

On the music front, I’ve been really lucky to have been really busy making new music and working pretty solidly through the year. In June I flew out to Los Angeles for some meetings with Pusher Music who are the company I exclusively make trailer music for. They are a very unique company and so accommodating of me and I am so proud to be part of their family (which is exactly what it feels like). I met up with them and we visited some Trailer Houses which were amazing and it was so interesting to see the process they go through and get the industry know-how on these things. So I had an amazing time in LA and as it happened halfway through the trip I found out I had landed my track ‘Ark Ascending’ into the theatrical trailer for ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ which I was so happy and pleased about! And not too long after the trailer debuted I found out I had some of my music on the #2 trailer for ‘Captain Phillips’, this time some of my unused Pantheon soundtrack, so those were a good couple of months.

Pusher wanted to do a covers project release In September whereby a few of their artists would do a cover of a track in their own style of trailer music, so I contributed my version of Do You Realize??? By the Flaming Lips and it has apparently been received really well. They did a physical release of it too, so I was lucky to get my hands on the whole album of covers.

Music got ridiculously busy towards the October/November time. I was working on a soundtrack for my good friend Chris Thomas and his new short film ‘The Nightman Of Nevermoor’. The film is very much inspired by Shyamalan and Spielberg so it was really fun to bring across a really big orchestral score for it. On top of that I was having to create new tracks for trailers and submitted one to the next Pusher volume and called it ‘One Last Moment Of You’ and was really pleased with how the track turned out, by far some of my best work so far I would say. Then the week after, I was doing a custom cue for another big trailer within a tight deadline and on top of that also I was trying to compile some new tracks for an E.P release to go out in 2014. A bit of trailer-esque stuff and more quieter soundtrack work, so a lot of work going on. Either way, I think my music has come on leaps and bounds through the year, and when I think back to the stuff I was doing earlier in the year,  I feel I have vastly improved. Still need to keep getting better.

It’s a shame really that the busiest part of the year work wise was also the most difficult for me on a personal level and it really made it much harder. I’d been having health issues since the summer and was trying to get those sorted and try to find out what the problem was, which was quite frightening actually. Hoping I’ll be okay again soon, but it’s been very depressing having constant issues and feeling a little rubbish all of the time. And since November I’ve been feeling very sad and heartbroken and it still hurts everyday no matter what I do and, if I’m honest, that’s putting it lightly. Truly a fire truck that’s lost a wheel. Feeling very alone and lost, but i’m focusing on becoming better for it and getting life on track. I’m moving in January time so that is something to look forward to. Regardless though, the last couple of months have been really, really fucking tough.

Moving on, Plan for 2014 is very much more of the same. Plenty more music with, hopefully, some really big projects coming in the not too distant future. There is one I hope I get which would be huge, so I have everything crossed for that. A few music video’s are in the works already, some of which are looking to be very interesting, and then I’m also planning 2 shorts of my own if I can get them ready in time. As mentioned earlier also trying to get a release sorted for early next year which will feature my track ‘Ark Ascending’ which featured on the Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer and I had a lot of requests to put it up for sale. So there will be that among a bunch of other stuff I’ve been working on.

Just also wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that has listened to my music or watched one of my videos this year. Some of the feedback and comments i’ve had have been really humbling. I’ve had so many new listeners on Soundcloud and lots of people have been getting in touch via email to say nice things which is really lovely so thank you so much for all of that. I really appreciate it and it means a lot. I hope I can continue to make things that you will enjoy.

If anyone is curious, all the content i’ve been talking about and everything i’ve done can be pretty much all be seen on my website HERE.

So that about rounds it up for 2013. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope it brings you everything you’ve ever wanted.


P.S – Yep, another end of year list..

Top 10 Films (kind of  (In no particular order)):  

I’ve seen and enjoyed a ton, and also haven’t seen a whole load that I really, really want to see. Nevertheless, these are the one’s that stuck with me.

  • Prisoners – Dir. Dennis Villeneuve
  • Gravity – Dir. Alfonso Cuaron
  • Before Midnight – Dir. Richard Linklater
  • Breathe In – Dir. Drake Doremus
  • The Hunt/Jagten – Dir. Thomas Vinterburg
  • Ain’t Them Bodies Saints – Dir. David Patrick Lowery
  • The Grandmaster – Dir. Wong Kar Wai
  • Frances Ha – Dir. Noah Baumbach
  • Insidious Chapter 2 – Dir. James Wan

Indie/Coming Of Age/Drama/Comedy/Romance Tie:

  • The Way, Way Back – Dir. Nat Faxon and Jim Rash
  • The Kings Of Summer – Dir. Jordan Vogt-Roberts
  • The Spectacular Now – Dir. James Ponsoldt

Honorary Mention:

Pacific Rim - Dir. Guillermo Del Toro
I’ll be honest I saw trailers for this and thought the hype was ridiculous and it would just be another rubbish, underwhelming blockbuster. To be fair, thats exactly what it was, but it was so much fun and I really loved it. I was making robot noises and punching stuff in slow motion for days afterwards.


I’ll be honest, I haven’t listened to nearly enough music as I should have this year. Most of what I listen to is Soundtrack or Score based music, but the albums that have stood out for me personally from what I can remember are as follows:

  • The National – Trouble Will Find Me
  • Volcano Choir – Repave
  • Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow’s Harvest
  • Mountains – Centralia
  • Nils Frahm - Spaces
  • Burial - Rival Dealer EP
  • Keaton Henson - Birthdays
  • Darkside - Psychic
  • Jon Hopkins - Immunity

Thats about it for now.

A few notables from the Soundtrack side of things. All of these I thought were outstanding bodies of work. Really beautiful and perfect in their context. There are a ton more, but i’ll just leave it at these ones.

  • Steven Price - Gravity OST
  • Gustavo Santaolalla – The Last Of Us OST
  • Johann Johannsson – Prisoners OST
  • Roque Banos – Evil Dead OST (really)
  • Hanan Townsend – To The Wonder OST
  • Lorne Balfe and Hans Zimmer – Beyond: Two Souls OST
  • Dustin O’Halloran - Breathe In OST
  • Hans Zimmer - Man Of Steel OST


Ark Ascending // Ursine Vulpine (Catching Fire OST)

There are few things I anticipate with bated breath as much as new films and new film original movie score. The second installment of the Hunger Games trilogy will descend upon us soon in a matter of days and so will the film music composed by veteran James Newton Howard - but first we have this excellent trailer music from Ursine Vulpine, also known as the insanely talented 23-year-old movie director Frederick Lloyd. 

The epic-ness begins at 1:25 and crescendos immediately into an orchestral frenzy of synths and violins before dropping almost as quickly. Although it isn’t quite characteristic enough for a distinctive movie motif, it definitely tells the story of the original theatrical trailer for Catching Fire, which you can watch here

Watch his original work uploaded onto Youtube here. With orchestral masterpieces backing up emotional, experimental short films, Lloyd’s work ticks all the checkboxes that I learned in my film music course. I recommend the poetic video The Ascent, featuring Matt Finney and Welsh Assembly (which is a follow-up to -get this- his coursework in University, The Constant. I kid you not. Mindblown yet?)

Excited about Catching Fire? Check out our review of Sia’s song ‘Elastic Heart’, from the film soundtrack (not the film score). We’re also waiting for the full version of ‘Silhouettes’ from Of Monsters and Men - updates soon!

Update: Catching Fire, Trips and stuff

Another occasional update for everyone who still follows me! 

So the last couple of months have been pretty busy! Last time I updated I think was April so since then quite a few things have happened. Firstly I went to Seattle for the National Film Festival for Talented Youth 2013 to represent Pantheon which was screening on the Friday Night! Had an absolutely awesome time in Seattle, which is a really lovely place and full of lovely people and came away from the whole experience having made friends with some wonderful people who I very much hope I will see in the future some time! Both amazing people, but also super talented and I felt very lucky to be screening films alongside them! 

After Seattle, my video for Deaf Havana’s new track Boston Square came out and did pretty well, showcasing the band’s new sound, image and line up and was well received by fans! Was definitely an awesome video to work, one of the most fun and enjoyable experiences i’ve had shooting a video and the guys made it incredibly easy to work. So massive thanks to them and looking forward to what’s coming next for us in the next few weeks.

After Deaf Havana, there was a little bit of down time. April had been a crazy month so a small amount of recovery time before June came along and a lot of that time was spent on new music. I did shoot a small video for a band called Dive In for their debut track that they will be putting out very shortly. Shot mostly on Super 8 which was an interesting and nail biting experience. Either way, had fun doing it, and yet another video where the band are absolutely lovely and make the job so much easier and rewarding! 

In Mid June, it got organised that I would head out to Los Angeles to meet a few people out there! I’m now on a roster of artists for a company called Pusher who represent some of the best trailer music and artists in the world and who’s creative model and whole ethic towards the music is amazing and I feel right at home with them. I went out to meet them and we went to a number of trailer houses to see the process and it was all very exciting and I felt very privileged to be given the opportunity. Either way, some exciting times are ahead and I’m really looking forward to working with them well into the future!

Also got to visit JJ Abrams HQ at the Bad Robot offices and nearly died from fan-boy induced heart palpatations. 

Since I’ve been back from LA most of my time has been spent working on new music, and developing a couple of short films that I am definitely wanting to shoot at some point this year, hopefully the sooner the better. The more I think about them, the more excited and eager I am to do it!

But the biggest new I have comes from yesterday. After their panel at this years San Diego Comic Con, the new theatrical trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, after being shown there, debuted online and i’m very happy to say it features new track of mine. It’s an amazing privilege to be in the trailer, but also the be sat next to ‘Dark Matter’ by Dean Valentine in it too. That track is huge, and I would kill to be able to make something like that! You can see the trailer at the link below and i’ll post a youtube link when it goes up! 

For now that is all! Expect another update at some point, some time, somewhere! 


Here is the latest video I Directed for Deaf Havana for their new track Boston Square which is taken from their forthcoming album Old Souls. Track has been played on Radio 1 as Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record in the World as well as trending worldwide on twitter at the #4 spot. Really big start! Was an absolute utter pleasure working with these guys, really helpful, kind and appreciative and can’t wait for the next project! 

Nearly a year after its completion, Pantheon is now available for viewing online! We’ve held back on releasing it for a while, due to exclusivity that is required by some festivals for submissions, but after a year of festivals and screenings and awards we’ve finally decided to put it online. 

I attended the National Film Festival for Talented Youth in Seattle, WA, USA this weekend and I got some really generous and kind words from people that saw it on the Friday night, and even people who hadn’t seen it had heard some great things. So I felt it was about time we put it online for all the people that didn’t manage to see it.

So we hope you enjoy the film, and thank you all so much for the support! We will hopefully see you very soon with something even bigger and better!

Update 17th April 2013 - Awards, Video’s, Music, Happenings

Been a long while since I posted anything on the ole’ tumblr blog! Have been pretty lax about updating it and in complete honesty had kinda forgotten about it. I figured I would take a leaf from the Kode Media guys book and start doing a monthly update instead of random posts here and there so you get a big solid amount of info in one go, unless it’s a video post or something like that or some giant news.

Since the Lovelife video posted a little while back in February premiered a lot of time since then has been dedicated to promoting Pantheon, my graduation film. We have been screening at a few festivals in the first part of this year after a few successful screenings towards the end of 2012. We screened at a BKSTS showcase, as well as at the prestigious Plus Camerimage Festival in Poland. We also recieved a short list at last year’s Super Shorts Film Festival for Best Cinematography. This Year has proved a lot more exciting with quite a few festival appearances and also a few nominations for awards. In February we attended the Royal Television Awards for the Southern Region where Pantheon was nominated for Best Student Production. We didn’t win but had a great time nonetheless! Next at the beginning of March was the Watersprite Film Festival in Cambridge where we attended the awards ceremony hoping to pick up awards for Best Fiction and Best Cinematography but again unfortunately didn’t pick either up, but we always make a night of these things and a good time was had by all! 

Towards the end of March we screened at this year’s Screentest Student Film Festival and did incredibly well. We picked up awards for Best Film, Best Production Design, but also Best Score that I composed under the Ursine Vulpine name, so it was really humbling not just for myself as a Director and Composer, but also for my team and everyone involved, especially my Production Designer Francis Fagan who it was about bloody time he got recognised for the work he did for the film. We were also nominated for Best Performances and and Best Drama too so all in all, a great weekend! Here’s a picture of us!

We have a few more festival appearances and things coming up as well as a few more submissions to wait back to hear from too. Up next is Learning on Screen Awards where we are nominated for Best Undergraduate Production and are hoping to pick up the award tomorrow at BFI Southbank. We also are being screened at this year’s National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) in Seattle, WA, USA and i’m excited to say I will be attending, unfortunately on my own, but exciting nonetheless. 

We also realised that it had been a year since we started and completed shooting for it so as soon as Festival submissions are over and done with, the film will be online for people to see. 

In other Film news i’m in planning stages for a few other things I would quite like to shoot. Trying my hand at sitting down and actually writing some scripts and stuff but its not something i’ve really done extensively before, so i’m sure there will be some hard lessons along the way. 

Music Video’s have been fairly scarce, although I am shooting a relatively important one next week and am pretty excited for it. I don’t think it’s a secret, so I can tell you it’s for Deaf Havana. However scarce the video’s have been i’ve preferred taking time between jobs as it saves rushing and means I can spend more time focused on one main thing, so we can get the strongest video possible, instead of just churning out something. I’d want it stand out from everything else. 

I found that Olafur Arnalds, one of my favourite composers, was holding a Music Video for a track off his latest album so found the time to put together a small scale video for that. The competition is closed now and in judging stages so fingers crossed for that. You can check the video out at the link below!


With Music and Ursine Vulpine, newer music has been a bit lax also, although I have been submitting music for various projects over the last couple of months. No word yet, but one is looking particularly hopeful and it’ll be huge if I get it. I’ve also worked on a collaboration with an electronic artist who I shan’t name, but i provided some arrangements on one of their latest tracks, so watch for more news on that later.  I’ve started working on some brand new music the last few weeks, trying to get a decent body of new stuff together for whatever I want to do with it in the future. I recently upgraded my DAW so have been having to learn as I go along but am producing things that are much closer to what i’ve wanted to be making. 
Should also be working on a new soundtrack project. My friend and talented fellow Director, Chris Thomas contacted me about his new film The Nightman Of Nevermoor and so I should hopefully be providing some sick beatz (musical score) for that in the near future. Really looking forward to it!

Thats about it for now I think, Next update will follow soon! Or when something exciting happens!

Give me a follow on Twitter or Facebook for more regular updates and such! 

Music Video I directed for Lovelife, premiered on MTV earlier today. 


Since its not the end of the world and it’s Christmas and all, I thought I would share one of my University projects from last year that I haven’t posted yet, ever. Made it almost a year ago so its not too up to date but I’ve been sitting on it way too long! I made it as a kind of follow up to The Constant which some people may or may not have seen.  Huge thanks to Matt Finney who provided the sweet vocals for me and who helped me a bit in writing them and also to Welsh Assembly who provided some lovely ambient drone for me to work with in the music too! Either way, hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas to all! Hopefully some big things coming up in 2013! 


Couple of updates as of recent!

Firstly, Pantheon, my short graduation film I directed and composed for is Shortlisted for Best Cinematography at this years Super Shorts Film Festival which is great news! You can see the shortlist of other films and categories here!


Secondly, I did a small interview for M-Magazine which is part of PRS. I do quite like doing interviews, no matter how brief they are! It is a shame they linked to the Shadow Moses/Alaska Video as its getting quite old now, but feel free to check it out!


My latest video for In Colour, that I directed a month or so ago. Great bunch of guys to work with and looking forward to hopefully doing more with them in the future! Was also back working with the always brilliant Matt Vahey and Jonathan Flint on DoP duties. The video is produced with Kode Media. I hope you enjoy! Would also suggest watching in 2K or in HD for full enjoyment!

You can check the band out here: http://weareincolour.tumblr.com/

or on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/weareincolour

My very talented girlfriend has just released the first beautiful ident she has done as part of beginnings of her company RUSU. Also it features me walking places! Check it out!


The release of our ident and logo is now up on vimeo for you all to see!
Please take a look if you have a few moments, thanks!

My very talented girlfriend has just released the first beautiful ident she has done as part of beginnings of her company RUSU. Also it features me walking places! Check it out!


The release of our ident and logo is now up on vimeo for you all to see!

Please take a look if you have a few moments, thanks!



Some big news to report today.

I am happy to announce that a track from my graduation film ‘Pantheon’ is now featured in the latest trailer for Zero Dark Thirty, the latest film from Academy Award Winner Kathryn Bigelow. The track itself, entitled Decompression/Reborn: Death is the first song featured in the trailer, which you can follow this link to to watch on apple trailers: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/zerodarkthirty/ in sweet glorious HD.

Or you can just watch it on youtube at the link below:

Either way, hoping this it the first of many trailer and film appearances in the future!

Video Games and updates

Sorry for the serious lack of updates and posts recently. Have been lacking for various reasons, but essentially i’ve been waiting for various projects and things to come through, some of which you can talk about and some of which I can’t… yet. 

However! One thing I am very happy to announce is that I am currently working on a video game for a company called Out Of The Bit who are producing a wonderful little game for iOS iPhone and iPad. Its kind of a Real Time Strategy with elements of Black and White, but all in a sweet vector based graphical interface. It looks amazing and I am happy to announce I will be doing the soundtrack for it. My good friend Simon Haines, an amazing sound designer who I have worked with on all my film projects will be working along side me doing the Sound Effects for the game too, so its great to be teaming up again! 

The game will be released in December this year hopefully, so look out for it!

As for other things, there isn’t a lot I can say right now, but both film and musical based things are happening and you should be hearing about them hopefully very soon!